About Us


How SuperNOVA Began

Jack Barker began coaching youth volleyball when his daughter, Haley, was playing on a local area club team.  He co-founded the club in 2007.


Why We Play

The mission of SuperNOVA is to provide an atmosphere of competitiveness, fun, athleticism, and learning within the sport of volleyball.


A Note From Jack

When I built houses it was virtuous and prideful to build something that will last forever.  I build them safe and strong;  the best houses I could.  But when I started building confident young women with SuperNOVA, I found these similar feelings of virtue and pride multiplied a thousand times over.  Why? Because our imprinting lasts forever in these young impressionable players.  The experience I evolved through as a father and coach helped me discover this is where my heart is - building a foundation that is safe and strong.

Come check out our positive, high level coaching we work hard to represent between our walls.  We are a family here at SuperNOVA!

                                                    -Jack Barker